October into November

Some people hide their heads in the sand, but, I guess, squirrels choose to hide their heads in the pumpkin. I love my pumpkins, and seeing them become squirrel food is frustrating, but I had to laugh. And some days you need to laugh.

We are bombarded these days with so much that worries us, especially as we head towards election day. How important it is to open ourselves to what amuses us and makes us smile, even if I wish my pumpkins had not become a feeding trough.

Sunday I drove through the neighborhood, stopping to fill Little Free Libraries with a stack of books —food for other readers, and I felt fed by what I saw.

What a gorgeous fall it has been, and I am grateful for each of these days; each one calling me to open my eyes, to find beauty, to notice what brings us comfort and joy. And to smile.

An Invitation

What feeds you these days. What has made you smile? I would love to know.

10 thoughts on “October into November

  1. Last night before I went to bed, our daughter sent us a text, thanking us for helping to make their first “real” Halloween successful. Real was filled with their almost 3 year old painting pumpkins, declaring acceptable costumes for each family member, filling her trick or treat bag at their favorite brew pub’s October Fest, the Farmer’s Market and the crowning glory -the dark walk through their neighborhood. We were not responsible for the clouds parting that ended the misty rain but we held, fed and dressed their 5 month old in her Rosie, the Riveter costume while the others transformed into Elmo, Lolly, the beloved otter and a dinosaur. They came home to a kid-friendly dinner that served as an antidote to the sugar highs and prevented total derailment of bedtime rituals. The evening ended with the exchange of sweet “good night, sleep well, thank you, Nanna and Papa words and blown kisses. We left behind a kitchen cleaned and ready for the predawn morning to start as our daughter and her husband completed their divide and conquer strategy of last books and bottles. As our days are filled with the intensity of an emerging new family, I am never far from knowing that these are “last times” for gently holding a precious little one who soothes my soul as I quiet and nourish her body. And our daughter’s brief text declares the “rightness” of it all.

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  2. I love this time of year ❤️
    Sweater weather. Thanksgiving preparation at my daughters. Prepping for my Christmas trip too Portland to spend the holidays with my sons.
    Coming back home to the New Year! Fresh slate!
    Love winter! Equal parts of hibernation and attending my two groups that inspire me 💜. Occasional lunches with friends.
    Watching the snow fall while I am cozy and warm in my apartment.
    I love this time of year ❤️

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  3. What a lovely post! The pile of red leaves is beautiful. I love that your neighborhood has Little Free Libraries.

    What has fed me lately and/or has made me smile…

    My son from LA being in town and staying with us.
    Trick-or-treaters in their cute costumes.
    Gorgeous weather still…lots of sunshine & warmth (rare this time of year!).
    An impromtu walk in the State Park on the way home from a dr’s appt.
    Coffee date and chat with a friend.


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