Window Blessings: The Spiritual Practice of Receiving and Sending

August 2, 2022


Every morning while making the bed, I pause and look out the window towards our backyard. This is what I see.

This is the view, thanks to the creative talents and physical efforts of the gardener in our house.

I stand at the window and receive a gift of color and the variety of shapes and textures. I see abundance and growth, reminding me to be grateful for the abundance and ongoing growth in my own life. I think about the season we are in and how each day may seem the same, but yesterday I did not see any roses on the tall rose bush, and today two are in view. Creamy with a blush of peach.

I wonder if the blueberry bushes are ready to be harvested again. A couple weeks ago I made muffins using our own blueberries, and I am eager to repeat the taste treat.

Standing at the window each morning, I receive energy for the day, even if I didn’t sleep well the night before. I wonder how I will be asked to bloom today or is it someone else’s turn?

I celebrate the miracle of creation, and I give thanks for the gardener in my life and his holy work.

This is sanctuary.

Love this Earth as if you won’t be here tomorrow; show reverence for your Garden as if you will be here forever.

Scottish Saying


Later in the morning I walk up the stairs to the garret and pause at the windows on the landing. I take a deep breath as my view expands over rooftops and into the backyards of neighbors.

In the stillness, I send blessings:

to the boys next door who seem to create their own universe, jumping on their trampoline. May your imaginations and energy enrich you and those who love you.

to the neighbor newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s. May you adjust to the new reality in your life.

to the neighbor across the alley who often forgets to shut her garage door and to the neighbors who do it for her. May you be safe.

to new neighbors on the block. May you find warmth and happiness here. May you find home here.

to each of the 22 children on the block. May you know fun and joy on this summer day.

to all those whom I don’t know, but who live within my view. May you feel support as you face whatever causes anxiety in your life. May you feel peace as you cross your own thresholds. May you know love.

The world is holy. We are holy. All life is holy. Daily prayers are delivered on the lips of breaking waves, the whisperings of grasses, the shimmering of leaves.

Terry Tempest Williams

And, I add, daily prayers are delivered, also, while looking out a window.

An Invitation

What do you receive as you stand at a window and what do you send beyond your window? I would love to know.

13 thoughts on “Window Blessings: The Spiritual Practice of Receiving and Sending

  1. Lovely post. Thanks Nan.
    I studied A Course in Miracles several years ago and find myself silently forgiving everyone and everything often during the day. Am trying to look at the world with Jesus’ eyes of compassion, even when people hold such opposing views from mine. When I see the magnificent Pioneer Mountains each morning, my heart is like to burst with gratitude. I waited 50 years to return to mountains.. Somehow my lifelong dream came true and I’m alive to enjoy it all.

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  2. Your backyard is very lovely. How wonderful to have a high-level view of your neighborhood. I would love that. I stand in our backyard each morning, in the cool shade, looking up into the trees, ever thankful for those tall trees that give so much. I planted one, the other was here when we arrived 41 years ago, and God has given the increase. It makes me realize how little control I have of anything, God takes care of it all. Thank you for your beautiful post this morning, and may God take care of you this day.

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  3. Our location allows us enjoy our regular Hummingbird visits! A true joy many times a day! Today the feeder needs my attention and the syrup is ready❣️


  4. Wow, your back yard is so pretty. What a beautiful and peaceful view you have. I am touched that you send out blessings to your neighbors like that. What a good idea.


  5. A lovely view from your window. Reading your post , I felt as if I too was receiving your wishes. Thank you. I am sitting in our enclosed verandah, it is early morning. I am sitting on a swing and sipping coffee😊. We have a star apple tree , coconut trees and other flowering bushes. The birds are calling out to each other. We put out pieces of chapati for them . Tree pies, Babblers and Bulbuls wait for them. A good beginning to a day. We live in a small town in coastal Karnataka, South India.


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